1.International Sales Policy
Thanks for shopping at MAD Gaze Mall. We are glad that you like to purchase the items we build. We hope you have a good shopping experience at the MAD Gaze Mall.
There are terms and conditions that apply to transactions at MAD Gaze Mall. By placing an order or making a purchase at the MAD Gaze Mall, you agree the terms set forth below along with MAD Gaze’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
2.Exchange Policy
We believe you make final and right decisions when placing an order or making a purchase at the MAD Gaze Mall after exploring and evaluating our product. No exchange, returns or refund of items will be accepted. Returns are only accepted subject to the additional terms and conditions of Warranty found in Section 4.
MAD Gaze may at its discretion arrange a product refund in certain circumstances. Please note that product refund will be accepted only if returned in an unused, unscratched and undamaged condition and its original packaging (including the product, any accessory materials, gifts, warranty, and the original packaging and boxes). If the packaging is damaged or any item cannot be returned, MAD Gaze reserves the right to deduct certain retail value of the items from the refund.
If there is any damage or loss of the products or accessories, including scratches, breakages, damped, removed or damaged product barcodes or certification labels etc., returns will not be accepted.
3.Additional Product Terms
The purchase and use of MAD Gaze products are subject to additional terms and conditions of Warranty found in section 4.
We strongly do not recommend you to make unauthorized modifications to the software on MAD Gaze products. Should you be unable to use your MAD Gaze products due to an unauthorized software modification, its repair will not be covered under the warranty.
We want to make sure you are satisfied with the product you purchased from MAD Gaze Mall, therefore, we provide all-round Three Guarantees Service.
Please refer to the Quick User Guide which comes along with the product you purchased for the warranty details. You should follow the instructions of using the product. Warranty period will be counted from the day the product is activated. If the product is malfunctioned, a return, replace or repair will be provided for free by providing valid supporting or maintenance records.
Warranty services are valid under normal usage or application only. The following conditions are excluded from the Three Guarantees and there will be reasonable charge for the warranty service:
(a) the free maintenance period of the product has expired;
(b) mechanical failure due to application of fittings not recognized by our company;
(c) damage caused by failing to operate the product according to the manual, or incorrect or improper handling of the product;
(d) malfunction caused by improper use, maintenance or storage;
(e) products natural wear and tear (including, but not limited to outer case, display, attachments);
(f) damage caused by force majeure;
(g) all the losses and damage caused by environmental factors, such as rough handling, temperature, and other factors which beyond MAD Gaze’s control;
(h) if user cracked the Android system, or illegally obtained the root privileges, causing malfunction of this product, we reserve the right to refuse providing warranty service.
MAD Gaze reserves the right to change prices for products displayed at/on the MAD Gaze Mall at any time, and to correct pricing errors that may inadvertently occur.
Prices shown may vary, and are in the currency of the available country for shipping you have selected. If you are paying for your order with an international Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card, please note that the purchase price may fluctuate with exchange rates. In addition, your bank or credit card issuer may also charge you foreign conversion charges and fees, which may also increase the overall cost of your purchase. Please contact your bank or credit card issuer regarding these fees.
Any applicable tax is not listed during checkout. You will be responsible for the final total tax, which may include state and local taxes, in accordance with the law of your country. Tax exemption is not applicable.
7.Purchases and Payments
MAD Gaze only accepts payments via Stripe (which is a third-party payment gateway) for online purchase. In order to use MAD Gaze’s services, you are required to access to Stripe and provide your personal data to Stripe for payment process. Before completing the order, please check whether the total amount and billing details are correct. Even if you are not an existing Stripe customer, you can choose this payment method for todays’ purchase and pay as a guest.
Stripe is not owned or controlled by MAD Gaze. We have not authorized or requested Stripe to collect any personal data from you. Therefore, MAD Gaze is not responsible for any exposure of your personal data with Stripe. Please contact the operator of Stripe directly for any enquiries or questions about their own privacy practices or policies.
If it consists of multiple purchases, your Stripe account will be charged separately for each shipment.
Some payment methods may not be accepted in some countries or regions.
8.Order Acceptance and Confirmation
MAD Gaze may refuse or cancel any order and limit order quantity in its sole discretion. MAD Gaze may also require additional qualifying information prior to accepting or processing any order. Once we receive your order, we will provide you with an order confirmation email. Your receipt of an order confirmation, however, does not signify MAD Gaze’s acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell; we are simply confirming that we received your order. MAD Gaze reserves the right at any time after receiving your order to accept or decline your order for any reason. If MAD Gaze cancels an order after you have already been billed, MAD Gaze will refund the billed amount.
9.Consumers Only
The MAD Gaze Mall sells and ships products to end-user customers only, and we reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order if we suspect you are purchasing products for resale.
10.Shipping and Delivery
Shipping costs for all orders are based on the goods you ordered and shipping country or region you selected. Shipping costs are listed separately if an order includes both pre-order items and in-stock items. MAD Gaze chooses the best carriers to deliver your shipment. Please note that we do not currently deliver to P.O. box addresses. See checkout for your item description, price and delivery timing.
Delivery times vary according to your selected delivery address, availability of your items and the time of day you place your order. A signature may be required for delivery.
For in-stock items, estimate shipping and delivery time is 3 to 14 business days after you place your order. Occasionally, we will confirm shipping and delivery time, then learn we are unable to fulfill the order due to low product availability. In these rare cases, we will notify by email of the new ship and delivery times.
MAD Gaze works hard to ship every order as quickly as possible. Since the actual delivery of your order can be impacted by many events beyond MAD Gaze’s control once it leaves our facilities, MAD Gaze cannot be held liable for late deliveries. We will, however, work with you to ensure a smooth delivery.
11.Shipping Policies
Products purchased online from MAD Gaze will only be shipped subject to Hong Kong and foreign export control laws and regulations. Products must be purchased, sold, exported, re-exported, transferred, and used in compliance with these export laws and regulations.
12.Product Availability and Limitations
Given the popularity and/or supply constraints of some of our products, MAD Gaze may have to limit the number of products available for purchase. MAD Gaze reserves the right to change quantities available for purchase at any time, even after you place an order. Furthermore, there may be occasions when MAD Gaze confirms your order but subsequently learns that it cannot supply the ordered product. In the event we cannot supply a product you ordered, MAD Gaze will cancel the order and refund your purchase price in full.
13.Promotions and Coupons
MAD Gaze gives out limited-time offers occasionally. Please refer to the terms and conditions for each promotion. Promotion pricing usually applied at the time of your online purchase.
If you have questions or concerns regarding any terms listed in the MAD Gaze Sales Policy, please send an email to cs@madgaze.com to check and confirm sales procedures and rules before checkout. Once the payment is confirmed, it means that you have read and agreed to the MAD Gaze Sales Policy. In case of any disputes, MAD Gaze reserves the right of final decision.